Prominent Homes Charitable Organization


The Prominent Homes Charitable Organization was established because it was important to us to give back to the communities we build in. Our goal is to not only support our homebuyers and residents but also make a concerted effort to enhance the lives of everyone in the communities we are so lucky to be a part of. Each year Prominent Homes proudly contributes to several hand-picked charitable organizations and causes that sit close to our hearts. All of which are managed through Prominent Homes Charitable Organization Ltd. and invested in with our time, energy and resources.

Headshot of Pal S. – President of Prominent Homes Calgary

Why We Do It

A quote from Pal S. – President “Canada has given us, as immigrants and children of immigrant families, the opportunity to grow, prosper and lead a good life. That is why it is so important to us to give back to not only the local communities that raised us but also the communities we come from in hopes of helping support life, health and education. It’s important to recognize and acknowledge that we didn’t do this alone; this was all possible through a lot of support from our trades, suppliers, developers, family and friends.”

Our Charities

We are proud to share that the Prominent Homes Charitable Organization has given over two million dollars over the last 10 years to charities and important community causes – and we’re just getting started.

Kirpal Dhindsa Memorial Scholarship

The scholarships began in 2008 when Prominent Homes Charitable Organization awarded five Calgary high schools each with a $1,000CAD scholarship. The very next year, In 2009, that number increased to 10 high schools. And, since 2010 we have been able to offer the award all 45 Calgary and area high schools with $2,000CAD in scholarships each. The Kirpal Kaur Dhindsa Memorial Scholarship is based on criteria other than scholastic marks, including personal stories, need and impact, making it available to a wide range of students. Since 2008, we have given out 253 scholarships! To find out more about the Kirpal Dhindsa Memorial Scholarship and how you can apply, email

Mata Jai Kaur Prenatal Clinic

Located in Deep Shergill’s hometown of Rajasthan, India, this prenatal clinic welcomes women and children who are in need of quality medical attention. The clinic operates with a full-time nurse and on-site manager, with a doctor’s presence one day per week. Additionally, we provide transportation and nutritious meals to build a healthier community. Over the years, Prominent Homes’ has been able to provide services and assistance for the birth of over 2,000 children. With the help of our partners, this number will continue to increase and help families for years to come. Visit the Prominent Homes Charitable Organization (PHCO) website to learn more about the Prenatal Clinic, the 25,000 outpatients we have helped, and other announcements and programs. We hope to inspire you to give back in some way, so please share this blog with others and consider donating today.

Community Support & Sponsorships

Each year, we are thrilled to be able to add to the list of charities and causes The Prominent Homes Charitable Organizations support. To get involved, please contact our team! This is part of a company-wide initiative that encourages our employees and our communities to give back to the causes and places that matter most. Support in our own backyard:

  • Gordie Howe Cares Foundation
  • Barley & Smoke
  • Various Community Causes