Prominent Price Protection

We realize there are people who were previously shopping for a new home and given the current situation, have decided to hold off. Everyone needs to make the best decision for their own circumstances.

And even more, there are yet others out there who are currently experiencing an immediate need for housing: a new baby on the way, their current home sold and they need somewhere to move into.

This is an unprecedented time, and yet, even with everything happening our team continues to get requests for tours and information, for those people who are still looking for their new home.

Regardless of which camp you and your family are in, we want to help and support you.

This is why we would like to introduce the Prominent Price Protection Plan.

Prominent Homes Price Protection. Secure your price today!

Now is still a great time to buy and If your home price drops, we have you covered.

We don’t want you to hesitate to take advantage of historically low inventory levels of housing. Be secure in knowing you will pay the lowest price for your home.

If the base price of your model drops at any time during construction and before you take possession, we will offer you the equivalent credit for your home.

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