Prominent Homes is Excited to Launch Verified!

Prominent Homes understands that your time is valuable and that you deserve to have the most convenient home buying experience. That is why we are proud to be partnering with Ownly, to bring you options to secure your home and feel confident in your buying decision - when you want, and where you want!

You will now see options to "Reserve" and "Discover Your Buying Power" when you look through our quick possession homes on our website. In just a few minutes you can not only reserve the home of your dreams, but discover your true buying power - easily!

After you find your perfect quick possession home, simply press on the intended action button and follow these steps:


User Steps:

  • Select your home on our website (or get a direct invitation from the team)
  • Create an Account or log in
  • Read and Sign the Reservation Form
  • Complete the $1000 deposit - just like you're shopping online!


  • Get the home you've had your eye on by reserving it when and where it's convenient for yousome text
    • whether you're out of town, the sales center is closed, or you just can't get over to the show home, you don't have to miss out, you can still get the ball rolling with our online reservation process
  • Take the time to think about it and make the decision when it's right for you
  • Get your reservation started, 24/7, any time, anywhere
  • Save time - Instead of scheduling multiple meetings to complete paperwork and deliver paper checks, simply reserve online

Discover Your Buying Power:


  • Digitally verify your identity
  • Confirm your home address (if you own your home) and get a real-time home valuation
  • Securely (with bank-level encryption) log in to your bank for a one-time connection to assess your buying power based on your real data (no effect to your credit score!)
  • Receive your buying power calculation
  • Add co-buyers, if applicable


  • Saves you time - Verified is a quick process that takes minutes some text
    • you don't need to gather up bank statements and employment history and spend time meeting with a broker to get your shopping budget
  • Know and feel confident about what you can afford before the mortgage pre-approval process
  • Convenient some text
    • Get verified when and where it's convenient for you
  • Discover your true buying power without lowering your credit score or doing mounds of paperworksome text
    • Verified uses patented technology to calculate your buying power with real financial information and real home values — but without the hassles of completing pre-approval paperwork, hard credit checks, mortgage calculations, or home appraisals
    • Get a single buyer power calculation that includes the financial resources of your co-buyers
  • Keep your data securesome text
    • Ownly Verified employs banking-grade security practices including strong authentication, full encryption, daily automated and manual security testing, and external audits
    • Ownly Verified only gets a one-time snapshot of your banking information
    • Personal information is only shared with your consent

Ready to make your move? Click here to explore our available quick possession homes. Have questions? Contact your preferred communities manager for more information.